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Precision Container Air Delivery System (PCADS)

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Precision Container Air Delivery System (PCADS) is a new technology invented by Boeing and Weyerhaeuser Co. The concept is dropping a water balloon from the air plane deck. Specially designed containers are filled with flame retardant materials. Large numbers of these containers can be carried by a jet engine airplane which can drop them on targeted fire areas.


Water gulps firefighting system

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Water gulps firefighting system is a Spanish inventor’s system design featuring a large spherical structured that is suspended to carry water and release the war on demand. The firm claimed that this method is faster and safer than existing helicopter-based water delivery methods.

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Amphibious aircraft or amphibian

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Amphibious aircraft or amphibian is an aircraft that can take off and land on both water and earth. Bombardier 415 aircraft is the only aircraft designed and built for firefighting.

The Fire Suppression Munition (FSM)

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The Fire Suppression Munition (FSM) from Australia is a new concept of aerial firefighting technology designed to be dropped from an aircraft to deliver a mist.

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