The team

We are a team of 16 employees and consultants including: two mechanical engineers, a product design director, marketing product manager, production worker, operation manager, aerospace engineer consultant, helicopter test pilot consultant, fabrication consultant, industrial drawing design consultant, advanced material fabrication, one corporate lawyer, two patent lawyers and two advance addictive manufacturing consultants. In the next 3 years we are expecting to grow to 35 employees.

Product design director: 7 years of product design experience, product design problem solving and innovation validation

Industrial Mechanical Engineer: Master of Mechanical Engineering, Bachelors of Technology

Mechanical engineer: 15 years in assembly/part/sheet and structure design

Operation Manger: 10 years industrial and manufacture operation manger

Production worker: 20 years of fabrication, assembly and construction experience

Marketing and logistics: 5 years of business and marketing background

Testing facility manager: 15 years of corporate and administration manager