Current Firefighting Technology Current firefighting technology like bucket and tank system is widely used but suffers from many limitations.
Wild Firefighting Costs Direct wild firefighting cost $5.1 billion annually in Canada and $3-4.5 billion annually in the U.S. The economic cost of wildfires is $125 billion a year in US dollars.
Wildfire Disasters Wildfires have become a leading worldwide environmental threat.


There are approximately 100 fires in a 1,000-square-kilometer area per day, worldwide. Economic costs of wildfires estimated $11.5 billion in Canada and $125 billion in US annually this includes Direct firefighting costs of $.5 - 1 billion annually in Canada and 3 - 4.5 billion annually in US.

Current Technology

There are a few limited aerial freighting methods that come in different iterations. For the most they consist of simply a hanging bucket carried by helicopter, water tank carried by a helicopter or a water tank carried by an airplane. There are also some experimental systems that have limited uses.

Our Project

Based on research we have conceptualized a design that we anticipate will overcome many challenges. We expect that the new product will have advantages over the current systems, the foremost of which is improved load drop accuracy and control.

what we offer

  • Increased load drop accuracy and control
  • 80% less time to extinguish a fire when compared to using water
  • Increased efficiency and effect
  • Ability to achieve multiple missions in a single trip
  • Adaptable to many models of aircraft without major modifications


We provide significant economic benefits. We will bring 15 high skilled jobs to Ontario, expected to rise to 35 over the next 3 years. Millions of Increased Tax revenue –municipal, provincial, federal and billions in cost reduction of wildfire. Environmental benefits include reducing pollution, preserving forests and protecting animal’s natural habitats. Our product will protect Firefighters and improve their safety. Health risk reduced by massive smoke and heat reduction.

The Mission



We are working to develop a system to give firefighters the tools to combat fire in a more accurate, efficient, effective and safe manner.


Current Technologies

  • Bucket System

    A helicopter bucket is a specialized bucket suspended on a cable carried by a helicopter to deliver water for aerial firefighting. It is available in many different sizes and features....

  • Helicopter tankers

    These helicopters are equipped with special designed tank that is attacked to the belly of the helicopter. These tanks have a special design opening controlled valve to allow the operator...

  • Air tanker

    The air tanker is a fixed wing aircraft with the ability to carry and discharge fire retardant on demand. Aircraft range from single propeller to jet engine. The system varies...

  • Modular Airborne Firefighting System (MAFFS)

    Modular Airborne Firefighting System (MAFFS) is a self-contained unit that can be loaded onto a C-130 Hercules which then allows the aircraft to be used to combat wildfire....

  • Precision Container Air Delivery System (PCADS)

    Precision Container Air Delivery System (PCADS) is a new technology invented by Boeing and Weyerhaeuser Co. The concept is dropping a water balloon from the air plane deck. Specially designed...

  • Water gulps firefighting system

    Water gulps firefighting system is a Spanish inventor’s system design featuring a large spherical structured that is suspended to carry water and release the war on demand. The firm claimed...

  • Amphibious aircraft or amphibian

    Amphibious aircraft or amphibian is an aircraft that can take off and land on both water and earth. Bombardier 415 aircraft is the only aircraft designed and built for firefighting....

  • The Fire Suppression Munition (FSM)

    The Fire Suppression Munition (FSM) from Australia is a new concept of aerial firefighting technology designed to be dropped from an aircraft to deliver a mist....

  • NitroFirex

    Nitrofirex is a Spanish company with a new technology based on a concept of Autonomous Glider Containers that can be dropped from an large airplane in large quantities. These containers...